Looking for a Professional to Remodel Your Home?

Tips on Hiring a Dependable Local House Remodeler

A small project like installing new shelving is something that pretty much all homeowners can do by themselves. But when it comes to a major home remodeling project, things need to be left in the hands of a reliable house remodeler. And since summer is the perfect time for a home renovation, we decided to share with you top tips on finding the right professional for the job: Continue reading “Looking for a Professional to Remodel Your Home?”

What Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling


Remember to ventilate properly. Bathroom fans need to supply a minimum of 1 cubic foot per minute of air for each square foot of room.


Ensure there’s sufficient light. Bathrooms and kitchens need lighting, especially in places where personal grooming is done of food is prepared. Lights on either side of a medicine cabinet or beneath kitchen wall cabinets, frosted shades and obscure glass will reduce the glare created by natural light. Lights in the shower must be watertight; think about combining a fan and light there.


Ensure all if safe. Water and slippery surfaces make kitchen and bathrooms dangerous areas. Floors, showers, and tubs need to have non slip finishes; put down rubber mats or stick-on strips. Pick rounded countertop edges instead of sharp ones. Also, ask your kitchen & bathroom remodeler to install grab bars in bathtubs and showers.


Change your mind too often. Homeowners that change plans once a job has begun are more likely to incur significant and expensive overruns and delays. Work with a qualified remodeler, this ensures the decisions made are ones you are happy with, so you don’t take the chance of making choices you may change during your remodeling project.

How to Get the Best Bespoke Bathroom?

Do You Have Someone in the Family with a Disability? Speak to a Professional Bathroom Remodeler about a Bespoke Bathroom Design

To get the best bespoke bathroom, you should consider your needs as well as your desires. If you need a bespoke bathroom because a member of your family has a disability or accessibility problems, your considerations may be different than someone who wants a unique bathroom. Continue reading “How to Get the Best Bespoke Bathroom?”